We’re the FIRST in the Middle East.

Ishaar of legal Correspondence Services LLC established in June 2014 as joint venture between Bond Investments (a subsidiary of DAS Holding LLC) and (National Entrepreneur Investments LLC).

Ishaar is the first of its kind in the Middle East to provide such unique services. Its founding in UAE has established a new category of permitted commercial activity– ‘agent for the service of process or chosen domicile’.

We’re brave enough to make something new and different

Ishaar, as the first licensed company in the UAE permitted to act as chosen domicile agent, has brought immediate results to the retail and corporate businesses of banks and real estate companies that are implementing its services.

Ishaar unique services allowed faster recovery of assets and loan collection from defaulting clients, marking an unprecedent time of less than 3 months compared to the long summoning process prior to implementing Ishaar’s service, that may take years in court before reaching to a final judgement.

Our Vision

Today, disruption has set the stage for the reinvention of process, procedure and technology. Tomorrow, transformation is the journey that we shall embark upon.

Our vision is to apply our traits – simplicity and efficiency – in a commercially meaningful way to the legal services industry for the benefit of all that it supports. The consequence of our vision is that Ishaar is the first choice for financial institutions and real estate companies to gain stronger control over their assets, to deliver a transparency in a commercial relationship that customers/clients know to positively impact the cost of doing business; and to work alongside the government in transforming the legal infrastructure.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers/partners succeed through innovation and service. We are making litigation easier and more reliable, through the use of technology to improve efficiency and reduce risk. To support our customers to be more successful by providing reliable, impartial and confidential legal correspondences services and chosen domicile services to our distinctive clients by receiving official documents on behalf of any entity, person or corporate who is part of any kind of contractual agreement, legal proceeding, (lawsuit or arbitration) in UAE.

Our Aim

To provide a simple and efficient legal correspondence services to all parties: Financial Institutions, Government sector, Real estate sector, Commercial parties and Legal system including corporate entities and individual subscribers.

Our Values

Precision is our strength

Clients data are captured with extreme accuracy through Ishaar’s state of the art Optical Character Recognition System.

Security? No problem

Client’s data is strongly secured and shall never be abused or misused. Unless needed, client’s personal information will always be locked.

We’re reliable and responsible

Ishaar’s service is delivered atop of a highly secure IT infrastructure. Our Platform is always on...

We’re the experts

Ishaar’s staff is here to serve you. Our team has the right tools and experience to serve you in getting the most out of our service

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