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70% Reduction in time spent in a typical legal proceeding

Ishaar is the first choice for financial institutions and real estate companies to gain stronger control over their assets, to deliver transparency in a commercial relationship that customers/clients know to positively impact the cost of doing business; and to work alongside the government in transforming the legal infrastructure.

Our Clients

Our clients are individual subscribers and corporate entities from different sectors of the market including banks, government institutions, real estate companies, financial and commercial entities.

The reception has been encouraging even as we rolled-out services with financial institutions in Abu Dhabi – including an Islamic financial services provider and commercial banking institution. Ishaar has business plans of expanding its services to other financial, commercial and real estate sectors covering all of UAE’s emirates.

Why Ishaar?

Ishaar has a collaborative and team work culture that is supported by open communication system, where employees are encouraged to share their ideas, feedback and concerns to the company. Our employees of differing seniorities express their views, exchange their knowledge and experience with one another in a work environment that adopts the culture of cooperation, growth and enrichment to one’s skills.

People at Ishaar are highly engaged driven by their passion to bring disruptive and innovative ideas that serve the greater vision of Ishaar. We believe that innovation that leads to productivity is achieved through continuous learning and continuous improvement that opens up the doors for new goals and new aspirations. Therefore, Ishaar encourages its employees to explore new methods that help develop the existing processes to continuously deliver the highest and the best quality of service.

Ishaar’s Notification Delivery Mechanisms

Ishaar provides its services to customers with extreme dedication and care. It goes the extra mile to ensure that any legal documentation received on behalf of the client will be accurately captured and delivered on time with total security and confidentiality.

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