What Is Ishaar And What Does Ishaar Do?

Ishaar is an Arabic word meaning ‘notification’. We are a chosen domicile agent service provider with offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In summary, we are licensed to deliver/receive legal notices on behalf of one or more parties under contract. This process is also known by chosen domicile or registered agent.

As a chosen domicile agent, Ishaar can act in a broad capacity for institutions and/or individuals, including but not limited to, acting as a chosen domicile agent for court proceedings in the UAE and receiving legal documents / summons in connection with civil, enforcement and arbitration proceedings.


  • Faster rendering of a final declaratory judgment (70% reduction in time spent)
  • In complex financing transactions, the Ishaar solution allows for a simultaneous service of process on all named guarantors/cross guarantors, thus reducing the legal risk inherent in the service of process on this class of party.
  • All judgments are issued “in presence”.
  • Faster recovery of assets
  • Reduction in the write-off of bad debt

Individual subscribers

  • No legal notices will be missed in case you are out of town or on leave.
  • maintain confidentiality and privacy of their case.
  • avoiding the embarrassment of receiving court notifications at work or home through court bailiff.
  • Proper archiving and reporting of the received notices/summons.

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